Silverstackup #2

The Silver Snowball is an affiliate program. It works on referring people to Ed Freeman (creator of the Silver Snowball). You sign up to the Silver Snowball and you can choose how many Walking Liberty silver rounds you get a month. You should be investing in silver now anyways. It’s a great investment and it’s greatly undervalued. When you sign up, they will mail you out your first 4 Bit Silver 1/2 oz Walking Liberty Silver Round. They will also give your own personal Silver Snowball site so you can spread the word about this awesome referral program.

Start spreading the word about this program and for every 2 orders generated by your Silver Snowball website, you get a bonus 4 Bit Silver 1/2 oz Walking Liberty!!

It’s that easy!! With 2 referrals you get 1 coin. With 10, you get 5. With 100, you get 50 each and every month!! There are no limits on what you can earn!

How do yo spread the word? You can use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, etc… The internet is full of free social media sites that cost you no money. You only invest your time. Your commission is the Silver Rounds. The silver rounds are better than cash right now and if you wanted cash, you can go to any local coin store and get spot price on the coin and get cash that day. (I highly suggest you hold on to the silver since it will sky rocket up in price)

Silver Snowball provides an inexpensive and profitable way to invest in Silver Bullion, the working man’s Gold (or hard currency).


1. Join the Silver Snowball “Coin of the Month” program.
It’s an easy convenient way to KNOW you are steadily accumulating real wealth. Your Silver Coins are shipped to you and your members the next day after placing an order. Ed Freeman also provides reliable support and service from experienced, caring management.

2. Send people to your free affiliate website.
This has got to be the simplest affiliate program on the planet. You can be earning bonus coins with as few as one or two members. To qualify for your bonus coins, simply purchase at least one silver coin yourself each month. Then for every two coin sales generated through your website, you earn one free.

3. Join my Silver Snowball Team
When you join Silver Snowball, you will get a Splash Page for generating prospects and they will be sent follow up emails on your behalf. I will show you exactly how to have interested prospects visit your silver website DAILY and easily using Free SOLO and Banner ADS. It’s as simple as that.

Make sure you add 4687 to box”if you have any special request” once you make order Thank You.

Silver Stackup - Silver Snowball